Department of Environmental Chemistry


Dr. hab. Patryk Oleszczuk, Professor UMCS (Head of Department of Environmental Chemistry)

Research interest: Application of different chemical and ecotoxicological methods to test environmental matrices, especially soils and sewage sludges. Toxicity of nanoparticles and their effect on bioavailability of organic and inorganic contaminants. Fate (adsorption and desorption) of nanoparticles in environment. Characteristic of biochars in terms of redmediaiton of soils and sewage sludges as well as thier influence on pesticides fate in soils.

Short CV: MS - 1999, Ph.D. - 2004, D.Sc. - 2010

Number of publications: over 130 (more than 80 from ISI), h-index - 16, cumulative impact factor  >215

Research projects: 10 national (in 3 principal investigator) and 2 international (in 1 principal investigator)

Awards: Foundation for Polish Science („Start”), Polityka („Stay with us”), Prime Minister Award (Habilitation), Polish Acedemy of Science („Pro Scienta et Vitea”), Minister of Environment, New Zealand Embassy, Norwegian Research Council („Yggdrasil”).


Dr. Bożena Czech, Assistant Professor

Research interest: TiO2-assisted removal of organic pollutants from water and wastewater. New photocatalytically active materials and their characterization. Advanced Oxidation Processes in the removal of organic pollutants from water.

Short CV: MS - 2002, Ph.D. - 2006

Number of publications: 13 (10 from ISI), h-index - 2, cumulative impact factor 13

Research projects: 1 national

Patents: 1 Polish (P386181) and 1 international  (WO/2010/036136)

Awards: Award donated by the Rector of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin for the distinctive organizational work for the benefit of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University and its Faculties and the participation in raising funds from UE - 2009.

Dr. Wiesława Ćwikła-Bundyra, Assistant Professor

Research interest: Structure, texture and sorption properties of mixed systems of mineral-carbon, Nanocomposite systems used as sorbents and catalysts removing pollutants from the air.

Short CV: MS - 1990, Ph.D. - 2003

Number of publications: about 40 (10 from ISI), h-index - 1, cumulative impact factor 12

Research projects: 5 national

Awards: Individual Award of the Rector of UMCS (2009)

Dr. Marcin Kuśmierz, Assistant Professor

Research interest: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDC) and nanoparticles in soil, sediment and sewage sludges. Artificial photosynthesis. Catalytic methane oxidation.

Short CV: BS – 1995, MS - 1997, Ph.D. - 2005

Number of publications: 15 (9 from ISI)

Research projects: 4 national

Awards: Individual Award of the Rector of UMCS for the Ph. D. Thesis (2005)

Dr. Agnieszka Marcewicz-Kuba, Assistant Professor

Research interest: Research on the effects of modifications deSONOx catalysts / energy catalysts on sulfur dioxide emissions, produced during the combustion of coal and lignite. The study includes the preparation of catalysts, determining of the catalytic properties, kinetics and mechanism of combustion and deSOx reaction.

Short CV: MS - 1994, Ph.D. - 2003

Number of publications: over 50

Research projects: 5 national (in 3 principal investigator)

Awards: Rector UMCS

Michał Kołtowski, Ph.D. student

Research interest: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in biochars, modyfication of biochars for increase of PAHs bioavailability reduction.

Short CV: MS - 2013

Number of publications:

Research projects: 1 international